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It looks like you picked the wrong example to try out the code.  The template.in file is just a template and intended to be used with the associated shell script in the same directory.  I would recommend trying the “born” or “actin-dimer” test cases instead for your initial testing.



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From: Katherine Sippel [mailto:katherine.sippel@gmail.com]
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Hi all,

This is likely idiotic. I've swapped over to a Mac (OS X v. 10.6.6) and I tried to build APBS from the current binary (apbs-1.3-mac-univ downloaded today). I've finally managed to set an alias in my bash shell so that I can run it from the terminal but it when I try to run one of the examples to test it (the protein-rna one specifically) I get this error...

Parsing input file template.in...
NOsh:  Read non-float (IONSTR) while parsing ION conc keyword!
parseMG:  Unrecognized keyword (ion)!
Error while parsing input file.

Have I done something wrong with the install? I've wandered through the bulletin board archives but I couldn't find anything. I'd appreciate any help that you can provide.