Sorry for my late reply. I couldnt run the "apbs.exe" under bin folder. i then tried to use command prompt. During invocation, when i use the input file that from either the examples or apbs input file converted using pdb2pqr software, error message pops up:
Error while parsing input file!
Please advice.

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Hello --

I'm afraid we'll need more information in order to debug the problem.  Are you running the APBS application from the command line?  Did you supply an input file?  Were there any error messages?



On Oct 6, 2008, at 8:55 PM, neoh aik khoon wrote:

I've downloaded the APBS-1.0.0 from sourceforge.net, but just failed in running the apbs application when i try to open it from the file named "bin". May I know what could be the potential problem?
P/S: I am using Window Vista, and I downloaded the .msi filetype from the site.
Hope to get your reply soon. Thanks.
Best regards,
Aik Khoon 

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Center for Computational Biology, Washington University in St. Louis