Sorry for bothering you with the previous mail. I figured out the problem and that option is working well..


Dear Users,

        Could you please clarify whether dielectric (and kappa) maps in APBS are activated
or not?.

        I was trying to test this facility. Initially I did a simulation with zero ion
concentration and saved kappa and dielectric maps . Then I made all the elements in the
dielectric maps identically equal to one and the kappa map was left as is( was trying to see
whether the o/p potential changes by a factor of 78.5, ie simulating an ion in air and
water). But surprisingly, the output potential was exactly the same as the previous one!.

        Could anyone please tell me what was wrong in the procedure?. I am using APBS 0.4 (
All the three dielectric maps and the kappa map was  provided as input for the

Thanks a lot in advance,