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Apatar Data Integration Announces Microsoft Access Connector

July 19, 2007, Chicopee, MA - Apatar, Inc. announced connectivity to Microsoft Access databases. The new Apatar Open Source Data Integration connector allows reading and writing data from/to MS Access tables (including data stored in .mdb files). Now Apatar enables its users to easily link Microsoft Access information between files (Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, CSV/TXT files), databases (such as MySQL, Microsoft SQL, Oracle), applications (Salesforce.com, SugarCRM), and the top Web 2.0 destinations (Flickr, Amazon S3, RSS feeds). Apatar provides support, training, and consulting services for its integration solutions. Apatar is the first company to release open source tools for non-technical staff and customers to access the application data they need to do their jobs more effectively.... read more

Posted by alex 2007-07-19

Apatar Allows Backing Up Data to Amazon S3

Apatar, Inc., a provider of open source data integration software, has announced Amazon S3 connector for Apatar Data Integration tool. The new connector allows developers and business users to back up data to Amazon S3 Web Service, as well as extract stored data and move it in and out of a variety of data sources and formats. No coding is required to accomplish even a complex integration with Amazon S3 web service. ... read more

Posted by renat.khasanshyn 2007-06-11

Apatar Data Integration releases Community Preview v0.167

Chicopee, MA – February 12, 2007

Apatar Community Preview v0.167 is the first public release of an Apatar Data Integration, an open source Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) project. Apatar was designed to help developers and business users to move data in and out of a variety of data sources and formats. No programming or design is required to accomplish even a complex integration.

Apatar Features:
1. Visual job designer and mapping enable non-developers to design and perform transformations.
2. Connectivity to MySQL, PostreSQL, Oracle, MS SQL, Compiere ERP, SalesForce.Com, SugarCRM, Goldmine, XML, flat files; more connectors are under way…
3. Single interface to manage integration projects
4. Flexible Deployment Options (GUI, or server engine on the top of JVM or embedded)... read more

Posted by renat.khasanshyn 2007-02-13