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ArahPaint4.1j available for download

- Many new filters in combination with meausure tool
- image suffix now omitted in image browsing
- "repeat from center " tool swithches borders to center and back
- contour operations can now be repeated up to 99 times
- new options in contour operatoins for shading or eroding motifs
- avaraging in 24 bits per pixel now works with different pen sizes
- new shrink functions for quickly dividing image size in horizontal or vertical
- new multiply functions for quickly increasing image size by fixed multipliers
- image modified status is now shown in program title
- new marble filter
- image rotation 90 degrees does not flip text
- Now with translation to Polish language.
- many bug fixes... read more

Posted by Dusan Peterc 2012-06-16

ArahPaint4.1f available for download

New features:
- many new filters
- support for proper loading of transparent PNG and TIFF images
- load recent files with icons
- easy duplicate and mirror/halfdrop operations
...too many changes to list them here
now we have 10 translations:
Chinese, French, Thai, English, German, Slovenian, Turkish, Finnish, Italian, Spanish
Latest manual:
keyboard shortcuts
compilation instructions
sample usage videos:
Native American blanket type of design
Equally spaced flowery motifs in repeat
Natural looking stripes in repeat
Flag of Bavaria

Posted by Dusan Peterc 2011-01-30

ArahPaint4.0k source released

First public release of ArahPaint4,
jacquard oriented textile program for
drawing raster images in repeat.
Program text translated in 8 languages.
ArahPaint4 is written in C++, based on Qt and runs on Linux
For screenshot, click
For more details, tutorials and manuls please

Posted by Dusan Peterc 2007-05-03