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ApacheBuilder Version 1.0 (Beta) Released

ApacheBuilder, an easy-to-read and easy-to-modify Korn shell script that automates download, build, install, and test of Apache with Mod_perl, Mod_SSL (with OpenSSL), is hereby released. This project is in Beta stage in that the basic functionality should work on some platforms (tested on Solaris and Linux).

It can be difficult to download the correct / compatible versions of Apache, Mod_Perl, and Mod_SSL so they will all work together. Further, there are frequently problems during the installation process with configuration such that a user has to know many technical details.

This project aims to automate the installation process with (eventually) a GUI interface, and the options of installing many more modules than are listed here.

Please feel free to test this beta release and post any experiences you have in the developer forums. This will help improve the script, make it more friendly and more correct (!) (I'm having some trouble with an invalid certificate message currently).

Note: This should work on all Unix platforms. You'll have to download the sources for Apache, Mod_perl, Mod_ssl, OpenSSL, etc. yourselves; it would be silly to include them in this package.

Posted by Kevin J. Rice 2003-01-02

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