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ELite 0.5.0 Released

Major features of Elite v0.5.0
* Fixed lots of bugs.
* Support scripting API.
* Powerful XML Literals support, see samples/xml.xel
* Add the reference of ELite Language

Posted by Jacky Zhang 2009-04-11

ELite 0.2 Released

How to run Elite examples:
1. download ELite from http://sourceforge.net/projects/aom-elite, the lastest version is 0.2.
2. unzip elite-${version}.zip into a dictionary, for example /usr/local/elite-${version}
3. run elite.sh
#cd /usr/local/elite-${version}/bin
#./elite.sh ../samples/dsl.xel
#./elite.sh ../samples/list.xel

Major features of Elite v0.2

* Strong DSL ability. User can use it as a domain specific language whose grammar is more similar to nature language.
define syntax {
Convert :amount :from into :to
=> :amount[:from] -> :to
print(Convert 25 DEM into ECU);
Output:12.782297029905463 ECU... read more

Posted by Apusic OperaMasks Community 2008-02-23

ELite 0.1 Released

This is the first release of ELite.

Posted by Apusic OperaMasks Community 2008-01-21

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