#357 Tutorial Mode/Shared session

Luke S

Originally proposed by @Nik777.


  • Luke S

    Luke S - 2013-08-28

    [Luke S's comments] Nik needs to decide how ambitious this feature is supposed to be. I see three basic choices, in accending order of difficulty:

    1. Allow one person to watch another's AOI session over LAN/internet. No shared editing. This version should be do-able right now, with a plugin. Plugin would handle all the networking, and (possibly) provide a sceneviewer in a window without all the editing tools. Both AOI instances must have all plugins to support whatever objects are being edited.
    2. Lock-based collaborative editing. Both (all?) users can work on a scene, With scene edits being visible to both users immediately, but only one can edit a given object at any one time. Possibly do-able with a plugin. Would require an open network connection at time of edits.
    3. Full concurrent editing. The most flexible option. Users can all work on the same model, at the same time. Might require tools to merge changes in various objects. (You might be fine-tuning the vertice positions in a horse's head, but I may have tweaked the topology over the neck and withers. A couple of the vertices you selected a moment ago no longer exist, a few new ones have grown, and others are not in the same positions in the data arrays. EEK!)

    In case of 2 or 3, could be implemented as:
    - Peer-to-peer (all instances of AOI have full copies of the scene, and updates are traded back and forth.) - Selecting one instance as a server. All other instances become remote front ends for the server instance, sending commands, and it and only it directly mutates the scene graph.

    The tools that would be necessary to get version 3 too work would also allow merging of independent, offline changes to an AOI scene. (think a primitive git merge for AOI files)

    The server version, at least, would probably require decoupled UI (FR#355) though a decoupled UI would probably make all of these options easier.

  • Peter Eastman

    Peter Eastman - 2013-08-28

    What's the reason for building this into AoI, rather than just using a generic screen sharing utility?

  • Luke S

    Luke S - 2013-08-28

    I'm just turning ideas from the "What should we do for 3.x" thread into tickets... As I pointed out, Nik needs to clarify exactly how much the original idea was supposed to do. If all he wants to do is allow someone to shoulder-surf his workflow, screen-sharing (over skype, for example) would probably be just fine. (plus it would add a built-in voice channel.)

    The other two options are a little more involved... Though, I do think that even they would be plugin territory.


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