Luke S - 2013-08-28

[Luke S's comments] I could probably implement this as a plugin, with its own UI and a settings file somewhere, or there used to be a Startup Script that was a step in this direction. What I would prefer to see is AOI keeping a folder of 'template' files. These would simply be standard AOI files, available as a starting point for a new scene. Starting AOI would cause settings to be loaded from whichever of the templates "Preferences" has listed as default. Other templates would be accessible when choosing 'New.' Once the template has loaded, drop reference to the file.

I see this as a user workflow issue. Most users will have 1 template, set as default, that they use for every new modeling project. Power users may have several, say one each for:

  • Modeling organic characters
  • Designing and test-rendering translucent/transparent textures and materials
  • Building mechanical/architectural settings
  • Any other modeling activity for which the user has a prefered set of working conditions
Last edit: Luke S 2013-08-28