Net Rendering

  • David

    David - 2005-06-03

    Has anybody already started to work on a Network Rendering Plugin? If yes, please contact me. I will start developing one now ...

    • francois guillet

      For info, what is the purpose of such a plugin? Would that be to render AoI objects in a certain way, or creating objects that form a network and that you can render the usual way? Also, depending on what you're aiming at, scripting can prove a good solution.


    • Kevin Lynn

      Kevin Lynn - 2005-06-03

      As Francois says, you can do most of it with scripting (along with his RenderUtils --see his docs).

      Nik has sometimes mentioned a project of his, called Art of Sharing, I think. (He may be waiting for Peter to multi-thread the renderers).

      And this looks interesting:

      I've actually written a couple of things for distributed AoI rendering as well (one script-based, one a plugin), but they are heavily customized to my needs, and would probably just annoy other users.

      So if you don't find what you need, knock yourself out!

    • francois guillet

      Oh, you mean distributed rendering... Sorry, I understood rendering a network of some kind. Must really been getting tired...


    • David

      David - 2005-06-03

      No I ment distributed rendering ... But I jeust realized, that this idea want not so good ...
      You can accomplish distrubuted rendering in another quite simple way:
      Just go ahead and start aoi on several computers load the scene you want to render ...
      Select Render... and select the frames you want to render, but say the first computer to render the first half of them and the second half  each as jpegs ... and then just combine the jpegs from both pcs into one movie with virtualdub or something similar....
      But it might be useful to write a script to automate the distribution and the copying back of the frames.
      I will think about that and about the link THX

    • Nik Trevallyn-Jones

      I have progressed a fair way in completing a full distributed rendering framework for AOI.

      Feel free to discuss the details with me either here, of by email. I had two main problems with completing this:

      1. Time (as always), so I am very happy to work with others on this.

      2. How to integrate my evolving code into an evolving AOI. I have solved this second problem, so I am actually not far from releasing an initial version of what I have.

      Any input from any other would be very much appreciated (see poin 1 above)



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