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Fluids Development ?

  • 3ddd

    3ddd - 2007-06-14

    Hi Bob or anybody.

    Does any of the AOI users or Forum members know if the development of the
    Fluids Plugin is dead, as there has been no update when the first version of the plugin
    will be available. Its an addition to AOI that i would really find usefull, but hey ho,
    if its not going to happen then i will use other methods for trying to replicate fluids.

    I do appreciate that the develoment of such a plugin must take a lot of skill, work and
    time to code.



    • Nik Trevallyn-Jones

      Hey gary,

      Bob has his own blog where he posts updates on the fluids plugins, wife and time permitting. He has basically requested that any AOI users who are interested in the fluids plugin please go and post on his blog, to keep him motivated.

      So I would recommend that you trundle over here and give Bob a hurry-up :o)

      Obviously, anyone else who is also interested should post there as well - presumably the greater the posts, the greater the motivation :o)


    • mak

      mak - 2007-07-17

      Can Fluid development be done as a Proceadural texture or proceadural material that when applied to any object or surface would look like containing the Fluid?Can we also script textures?
      Can we make a smoke texture,texture that appears spread on the surface of the 2D or 3D object's surface following the fluid physics?

      • bob

        bob - 2007-07-17

        The goal would be to have parameters that can be rendered as a Material or Texture. ie ink spreading in water... However this won't be in version 1. And I won't commit to anything past version 1 at this stage. It will be something I will look at. There are already a few things in there that I wasn't going to do. It just depends on how easy it is.

        I do intend to have some extensibility via bean shell by version 1.

        • OniOid

          OniOid - 2007-07-23

          Hi Bob, if you haven't come up with a name for your plugin, I will suggest the 'Delta' plugin in honor of your nickname, and of course a river's delta:

          ...or the 'Bob' plugin after your name and of course one of the definitions for Bob:

          3     bob, bobber, cork, bobfloat
                   a small float usually made of cork; attached to a fishing line
                  Category Tree:
          ╚object; physical object
          ╚artifact; artefact
          ╚bob, bobber, cork, bobfloat



    • Ed Kolis

      Ed Kolis - 2007-07-23

      Plus, delta means "change" in calculus, and the definition of fluid is something whose shape can change! ;)


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