Extended POVRay plugin to export UV mappings

  • Erwin Bonsma

    Erwin Bonsma - 2010-08-31


    I came across Art of Illusion when I was looking for a mesh modeler to generate meshes for use in my POVRay scenes. I am very happy with the functionality of AoI and the fact that it comes with an exporter plug-in for POVRay. To my slight dismay, though, I discovered that it does not export UV coordinates when a UV mapping is used. Fortunately, it's Open Source so I have extended the plug-in so that it also exports UV information. This functionality may be useful to others, so I'd like to share this.

    So my question is where should I make my modifications available so that it can be considered for inclusion in a next release of AoI? Is Norbert Krieg still actively maintaining the plug-in? If so, how to contact him, and if not, who has become the guardian of this code?


  • Peter Eastman

    Peter Eastman - 2010-08-31

    I don't recall hearing from him in a long time.  In cases like this the general procedure is to first see if you can track down the original author and ask them directly.  If that isn't possible, just post here and wait a few weeks.  If the original author hasn't replied, we conclude they're no longer maintaining the plugin and you're welcome to take it over.


  • Erwin Bonsma

    Erwin Bonsma - 2010-09-02

    Hi Peter,

    I tried searching the AoI forums on Sourceforge and googling for his name in combination with Povray, exporter, plugin, AoI, etc but failed to trace Norbert. If you still have an old email address of his (e.g. when he first contributed the code in 2002) you can email it to me, and I'll try that. Otherwise, as you suggest, we can wait for a reply to this thread. Should there be no reply after a few weeks, I could become the maintainer if desired (although that's not particularlly what I am after. I'd just like to contribute my bit of code).


  • Erwin Bonsma

    Erwin Bonsma - 2010-09-02

    Hi Helge.

    That must be him. I just sent him a message. His profile looks a bit dusty, so hopefully it will get to him.


  • Guillermo Pérez

    So? Will we have this exporter available? I'm taking a look at Pov Ray and i'm enthusiastic.

  • Harald G

    Harald G - 2010-10-30


  • Erwin Bonsma

    Erwin Bonsma - 2010-11-06

    Sorry guys that it took a while. I tracked down the original author of the plug-in (Norbert Krieg) and sent him the updated code for review. Unfortunately, he has been to busy and his interests have also shifted. So he has transfered maintainership of the plug-in to me.

    I have uploaded my changes to the Feature Request tracker. They can be found here:

    So please have a look, and if it looks okay, it can be commited to the plug-in repository by somebody with sufficient rights.


  • Harald G

    Harald G - 2010-11-07


    I just tested it (have to rename the zip to jar) and it works quite charming.
    Now I´m looking after 10 years or so in POV for GI rendering options…

    Thank you for enhancing that exporter!

  • helge-h

    helge-h - 2013-01-04

    Sorry to revive this old thread, but why isn't this new POV-exporter included in 2.9.2?



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