dcdouglas - 2008-03-07


I would like to hire someone to help me with a handful of Art of Illusion tasks.  I have a number of data set out of a CAD system that I've been animating myself.  The animations are a combination of mechanical and electrical widgets.  I took this up as a hobby and it's been fun.  It's also been helpful visualizing things in my work.  I have hit my limits and would like help doing more. 

On the animation side I need to extend my own animations, need some new animations done, and need more realistic animations.  I may want to add some effects to illustrate some concepts.  I also need the animations to be rendered including a few at moderately high resolution.  I have the data sets and have approximate scores in mind.

I'd also like to learn how to use the tool better, probably could use some script development, and, because of my data sources and usage, may need some new code development.  I'd encourage any new code and scripts be contributed back to AOI.

My current priority is animation to be done in the next few weeks.  I expect it's under a week's work.  I'm likely have other work on an ongoing basis. 

I am in the San Francisco Bay area and would prefer to work with someone locally, preferably with an individual.   I work for a large corporation and will need a non-disclosure agreement to discuss details with interested parties.  The particulars of price and payment can be worked out.

To keep us all from being spammed please contact me through SourceForge with some guidance as to your skills and availability.  Be sure to include your direct contact information.  My SourceForge user id is dcdouglas and I'll try to reply to all reasonable responses.