Java3D exporter to VRM, PovRay or anything similar?

  • Philipp

    Philipp - 2016-11-07

    Sorry, maybe this is off-topic, but I thought you might be able to help me.
    We have a Java3D application that renders results from scientific simulations (there are boxes / tetrahedrons, and sometimes hundreds of spheres).
    Java3D has problems when we want to render high-res images for printing posters and the like (5000px and more).

    I thought there might be some code to export a Java3D scene into a file the we can import in AOI or PovRay - but Google did not reveal a lot. Does anyone know such a project?
    Do you think it is realistic that we can add such an export feature to our Java3D code, or is the scene structure very different?
    Has anyone experience with such a project?

    Thank you very much!

  • Luke S

    Luke S - 2016-11-07

    There are a couple different ways to approach this.

    First off, scene graphs in general do have many similarities, and Java3d does have a documented API, which should help.

    I've run across refernces to a java3d to .obj exporter, but have not actually looked at or used it.

    Does your application already save the java3d scene containing your results, such as through the API? If so, it should be fairly simple to build an importer for a java application such as AOI as long as you stick with the built in java3d geometry types. Some details might be helpful:

    • Is your application Open-Source, or otherwise published about? If so, could you post a link?
    • Does your application do the actual simulations, or does it import the result data from another source?
      • If the later, could you tell a little about the format that it consumes?
      • Is that format open or proprietary? It might be simpler to build an importer for AOI, etc. that consumes that format directly...
    • If one were building an AOI importer, would a sample data-set be available?

    If you want to use a non-java app, such as povray, you will need to implement an exporter for your scenegraph. This could be a bigger project, depending on the complexity of the target format. In such a case, you will probably want to find the community based around the target format for detailed help...

    Last edit: Luke S 2016-11-07

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