AOIsp server issues?

Luke S
  • Luke S

    Luke S - 2015-04-17

    Is there any known reason for some of the plugins in the AOIsp repository to not download through the manager?

    I was looking at a file the other day, and realized that I needed Procedural Implicit objects to view it properly. I went digging, and realized that the implicit plugin does not display in the 'install' tab in SPManager. I downloaded it manually, and it seems to function (and shows properly in the 'manage' tab)

    So far, I have found three plugins that don't show in-app but can be found when manually browsing:

    • Implicit
    • TroyTools
    • Fast3d (have not downloaded to see what this really is)

    Can anyone else confirm? Or am I missing something?

  • Peter Eastman

    Peter Eastman - 2015-04-19

    You can see the data being returned from the repository by pointing your web browser to

    Searching for the section on TroyTools, I see it includes this line:

    <error>Could not find XML entry in ZIP file</error>

    So I downloaded the jar file to see what's in it. It looks a little strange. There's a file that looks like it contains information for the SPManager, but with the nonstandard name "TroyTools-java1.5.xml".

    The section for Implicit contains this error:

    <error>could not open version file: Implicit</error>

    And looking at the repository, I see the version file is misnamed: it's called Implicit_2.7.txt instead of Implicit.txt. I just fixed that, and confirmed that it now shows up correctly.

    Finally looking at the section for Fast3d, it has this line:

    <ignore>Obsolete: 0.0 : Fast3d '-'</ignore>

    So it looks like that one isn't supposed to show up.


  • Luke S

    Luke S - 2015-04-19

    Thanks for looking. At least I know that I'm not crazy... I can confirm Implicit now shows correctly for me. TroYTools does also have some issues w/displaying meta-data (as in: there isn't any) even if installed by hand, so I'm not surprised by what you found.

  • Luke S

    Luke S - 2015-05-20

    Peter, Here is an updated TroyTools.jar with a valid extensions.xml I did not do a fresh build, since I could not find the source. Just re-packaged what was there. Should be ready to just drop in the repository.

  • Peter Eastman

    Peter Eastman - 2015-05-20

    Thanks! Posted.


  • chris w

    chris w - 2015-05-21

    Hi luke,

    Fast3d is like a fast Sculpt for making little rocks
    or such with a few mouse clicks. I have noticed the Hologram
    plugin doesn't seem to work anymore - won't render with
    Raytracer. Flag this ?

    chris w.

  • Luke S

    Luke S - 2015-05-21

    @Chris W, Thanks for the reminder. I actually fixed this about 18 months ago, but the update never made it to the repo. You can find a working .jar at [aoisp:discussion:457423]

    @Peter: Could you take a look next time you have a chance? There are a few updates to one of the source files, as well as the working .jar



    Art of Illusion Scripts and Plugins: Discussion: 457423

    Last edit: Luke S 2015-05-21
  • chris w

    chris w - 2015-05-21


    No joy with the new Hologram.jar - no image in the
    edit_mapping window and no output in render (Raytracer).
    I get this alert error :

    Exception in thread "Raytracer main thread" java.lang.AbstractMethodError
    at artofillusion.raytracer.OctreeNode.<init>(
    at artofillusion.raytracer.Raytracer.finishConstruction(
    at artofillusion.raytracer.RaytracerRenderer.buildScene(
    at Source)

    I have attatched the full log.

    chris w

  • Luke S

    Luke S - 2015-05-21

    Akk! Confirmed, not sure what happened, I'll work on it a bit later.

  • chris w

    chris w - 2015-05-23

    hi luke,

    chur bro !

    Confirm new Hologram.jar working. Have tried in the
    past to use this for putting tree's in my scenes.


    (the attatched aoi file I used to test is 13.5 mb)

    Last edit: chris w 2015-05-23
  • Peter Eastman

    Peter Eastman - 2015-05-23




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