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  • Angus Ainslie

    Angus Ainslie - 2015-09-28


    I'm trying to setup the HID plugin with a thinkpad x201 that has a wacom tablet screen.

    I'm running on Kubuntu 14.04 64 bit. I've installed the logging plugin, the HIDplugin and the HIDplugin-devices plugins.

    When I atart AoI I get the error below:

    An error occured while initalising the "HIDplugin" plugin. ou should check the logs for details.

    There is nothing about the HID plugin in "AOI-3.0.2-log.txt" or "LogPlugin.log".

    Is there documentation somewhere about setting up the HIDplugin ?


  • Luke S

    Luke S - 2015-09-28

    Hi Angus, don't have a full answer yet, but keep in mind that the HID plugins have not been re-built in a couple of years, so there may be some API incompatibilities.

    Before we dig too deep into the brain-surgery aspect, Can I ask what you intend to do with the plugin? The wacom tablet screen is currently not supported by HID, so would function just as a normal mouse-type interface.

  • Angus Ainslie

    Angus Ainslie - 2015-09-28

    Right now the tablet does work as a mouse interface but the issue is that it only has 1 button and in tablet mode the keyboard is folded away so there's no hot key to initiate actions.

    The description of the HIDplugin suggests that it can do gesture support so I thought I might be able add additional virtuall buttons and/or menus that way.

    I guess it's time to crack the source open.

  • Luke S

    Luke S - 2015-09-28

    HIDPlugin is for unusual devices that need custom driver support for AOI. For example, the HIDPlugin-Drivers currently supports the space navigator 3d mouse. Another good candidate would be the Leap Motion Controler

    While it might certainly be possible to add a driver for a Wacom Digitizer this way, it would probably be better to support Multi-touch in a generic way. The "RightWay(TM)" to do this would be to re-write the UI in JavaFX, but that would be quite a project.

    Looks like there have been otehr libraries to add touch support to swing, but most current posts on, eg. stackechange, are saying: "JavaFX" I don't want to be discouraging, but this could take a while. I'll be glad to help as I can, but don't currently have a touch device to test on.

    Some workarounds, if you have not tried them already:

    • Long hold should act like a right click and get you the context menu.
    • The move view and rotate view tools on the toolpallette should be equivalent to right-drag and <alt>drag.
  • Angus Ainslie

    Angus Ainslie - 2015-09-28

    I'm not sure that toch is supported on this display but if it is that would be a good way to support some of the things I might want too do.

    I guess it's not entirely correct to say that it only has 1 button. The stlyus tip sends a left button click so I can create objects.

    The stylus "eraser" also sends a left click and that behaves the same as the "stylus" tip right now. I'm going to look into remapping that to a different function.

    The button on the stylus sends a right click so I can get to the context menu.

    I think what I miss the most right now is the scroll wheel.

  • Luke S

    Luke S - 2015-09-29

    Just found out that not all X201s support touch, so that whole bit might be useless to you. Should be able to find out in Control Panel>System & Security>System
    EDIT: DOH! you said that you are on Linux. Never mind that bit, Though I have run across references to Linux installs not coping as well with touch even when hardware is capable. Hopefully just a phase.

    If your Pen is like the one for a Intuos tablet, you should be able to map the eraser to <ctrl> + Right Click, which will match the scroll wheel functionality if you swipe it up or down. Also, check your button/switch. Some are a rocker switch that can be mapped to two seperate functions.

    Last edit: Luke S 2015-09-29

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