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Harald G
  • Harald G

    Harald G - 2009-04-15

    Troy detected a bug regarding the wireframe to shaded bodies and I can see it , too.


    (Hope you can see the pictures).

    We thought  it had to do with PME - but it can be seen also in the trimesh Editor.
    It´s only related to Version 2.7.1 - not 2.7.0 and not 2.6.1 either.

    Draw a PME cube - open the editor and choose perspective view - then you´ll recognize that the wire "hoovers" over the mesh.

    Well, I hope you all recognize it and we´re not alone here.


    • Harald G

      Harald G - 2009-04-15

      Viewing the pictures in fullsize is only for registered members.

      So here´s a directlink:

    • francois guillet

      Check with/without OpenGL. I don't have it here without OpenGL (I have to update OpenGL libs I'm afraid).


    • TroY

      TroY - 2009-04-16


      I think this was introduced with revision 208. And yes, it only seems to affect OpenGL (the only file changed in r208 was GLCanvasDrawer.java).

      If I revert those changes, it's fine again. But well, r208 actually was a fix for another bug. :) However, I filed a little bug report.


      • Peter Eastman

        Peter Eastman - 2009-04-16

        Thanks!  Knowing exactly what change introduced the problem will be a big help in fixing it.


    • francois guillet

      It looks like too big a glPolygonOffset used to displace slightly edges and vertices from actual surface so they can be seen (otherwise the effect can be weird especially for edges). Unfortunately it doesn't seem that Peter uses this feature so I'm out of my wits here.



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