Frustrated with the polymesh editor? Use Wings 3D for your modeling, and export to AoI!

Ed Kolis
  • Ed Kolis

    Ed Kolis - 2013-10-09

    The polymesh editor, while powerful, is a bit lacking in certain areas - for instance, it doesn't allow hollow faces. How about doing your mesh modeling in Wings 3D, then exporting to OBJ, importing to AoI, and assigning materials (taking advantage of AoI's awesome material editor, the best I've ever seen in a modeling app save perhaps for Blender) and rendering there? :)

  • Harald G

    Harald G - 2013-10-09

    Thats funny.
    For me the "thicken" option does exactly that (hollow faces).
    Did you know that Polymesh exists for that one reason that importing wings meshes was a PITA? Now going reverse it seems.
    ;) -> Whatever feels good. But don´t underestimate PME.


  • Ed Kolis

    Ed Kolis - 2013-10-09

    Thicken option? What's that? Not sure how thickening anything would let me have hollow faces... in case I wasn't clear, what I meant by "hollow faces" are faces with holes in them, like donuts...

  • Pete

    Pete - 2013-10-09

    PME does allow holes through the mesh, the model of consisting of several volumes, meshes that are open surfaces... Anything you can think of.

    To test you can make a donut by the spline mesh tool, convert to PME and open. There also is a way to drill holes through a piece, but to give step-by-step instructions I'd need to be at my PC, which I am currently not. ;)

  • Ed Kolis

    Ed Kolis - 2013-10-09

    I don't mean holes in the mesh - I mean a single face with a hole in it.

  • Marc

    Marc - 2013-10-09

    Can you show us an example of a Wings3D face with a hole in it?

  • francois guillet

    I didn't like this feature in Wings3D because it doesn't look right to me (and the way half-edge mesh works). It's some years ago now but I recall vaguely reading that you had to resort to tricks to represent faces with a hole in it wiht half-edge meshes (like hiding necessary edges). In theory you could do the same with PME : subdivide a face so you can cut the hole you want. Delete faces so as to make the hole. Select remaining faces and merge them.
    Unfortunately this result in an error or even freezes the PME (I just checked). Polymesh is quite tolerant about how a face is shaped (e.g. any number of edges), but there is a quite important rule : if you follow a face border edge after edge then when getting back on first edge you must have walked through every edge of the face. This is not the case for faces with a hole in them which have two edge "rings". A lot of PME modelling tools are based on "walking around a face edges".
    I don't see much difference between a face with a hole in it and having to subdivide it into several faces so as to make the hole. Actually subdivision makes more sense when you smooth the mesh with Catmull-Clark or similar algorithm.


  • Ed Kolis

    Ed Kolis - 2013-10-12

    A face with a hole in it makes it easy to bevel a face off of it (e.g. if I have a hollow cylinder, I can put a thin ring on the top). Still, if it's too hard to implement faces with holes, oh well...

  • Ed Kolis

    Ed Kolis - 2013-10-12

    Oh, by the way, while I have your attention, Francois... I reported some bugs and feature requests for the polymesh editor, but Peter closed them because the issue tracker is not for plugins. Could you have a look at them when you get a chance? I'd email you like Peter suggested, but I can't find your email address on your profile.

    The issues are:

    Bugs 465, 468, 469, 470
    Feature Request 371

    Thanks! :)


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