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  • 3ddd

    3ddd - 2007-03-26

    Hi Peter and AOI Users

    Just thought i would ask if it is worth me carrying on
    with some work i have started on a new user interface look and feel, and icons for AOI.

    I do not wish to put to much work into my ideas if
    really Peter and everybody else is very happy with the current
    look of AOI.

    I myself are happy with AOI user interface but this was just
    an idea and exercise to move AOI on in the look and feel department and to give AOI the looks of say an app like MODO or XSI, SILO ect for example.

    I appreciate that to change the AOI user interface would
    also have a knock on effect to other aspects of AOI, tutorials,
    manual, plugins and more.

    I have a lot of projects on right now including an animation
    project which is still ongoing, but i though i may have a little
    time to finish some intial ideas for a new user interface
    which i could show to Peter and AOI users.

    Peter if you would like me to continue, please could you tell
    me if it is possible to create TRANSPARENCY in java as i had
    some ideas for some semi transparent menus and other objects.

    I have already created a general look and feel and have kept the
    layout virtualy the same as the current AOI so as not to throw
    the current users.

    I have a couple of ideas to show when they are complete.

    Please can you tell me if i am wasting my time, or should
    i carry on and show the ideas.


    • francois guillet

      Actually, I wonder if having a skinnable UI would not be good idea.  Well, I should say I think a skinnable interface would be a good idea!

      We'd have jar archives in a Skins subfolder. AoI would look into the jar archives for color schemes and icons.

      Just a thought, but I believe look and feel matters.


    • Nik Trevallyn-Jones

      Talk about synchronicity! :o)

      I was, just this morning, designeg in my head translucent scrollbars for the Dockable widgets in AOI. The widgets need to scroll if the space given them is too small, but the regular scrollbars take up proportionally far too much real-estate.

      Gary, is it possible for you to share with us what you have already? I understand that you really want input from Peter as to which changes he is prepared to tke on board, but a little amount of preview can go a long way to selling an idea :o)


    • 3ddd

      3ddd - 2007-03-27

      Hi Nik and Francois

      Thanks for your input.

      I will try and get the mock-ups completed over the weekend, so i will have
      something to show the early part of next week.

      Please can you advise a of site that i could freely upload my ideas to, as at the
      moment i am still building my website and also only just about to sign up
      for Broadband.

      many thanks

      Gary Rose.

    • Peter Eastman

      Peter Eastman - 2007-03-27

      Hi Gary,

      Definitely post your mockups.  Regarding transparency, could you explain what you have in mind?  Certainly Java supports transparent drawing modes, but since I'm not sure exactly what you're asking about, I don't know whether it's possible to do what you want.


    • John B.

      John B. - 2007-04-01

      I suggest adding a small, inconspicuous button to every window and dialog that simply has a "?" on it.  Users can click it for context sensitive help on that window/dialog.  If we can work the user manual into this then newbies will be up and running *extremely* quickly! :D


      • OniOid

        OniOid - 2007-04-01

        This begs the question about a Professional Edition, for those who may want a potentially more lean and mean version.


        • francois guillet

          >This begs the question about a Professional Edition
          Uh ?


          • OniOid

            OniOid - 2007-04-02

            Just a thought that came to mind. That's why I qualified it with 'potentially'. :)
            While I'm generally unsure how things are or can be implemented, things like software-bloat, useless or cumbersome (at least to me)  or unsupported/abandoned features, and MS's Clippy, do cross my mind on occasion.


    • 3ddd

      3ddd - 2007-04-02

      Hi All

      I hope to be showing my ideas this week.

      I have read the various posts regarding any change to the GUI.

      My ideas are not to change the layout of AOI or to add
      anything complex, only to give a new look and maybe show some
      ideas for small updated features.

      Existing AOI users should not worry to much as when you will see my ideas
      they are with the current set up in mind and are more cosmetic than
      life-changing, rather than a complete major change to way things currently work.

      Peter has designed AOI, as you all know with ease of use in mind, and i have
      no plans to show any ideas to change what peter has already achieved.

      Also these are only ideas and Peter and all the contrubuting coders
      may not want to change anything at all.

      We will see when i have posted the ideas this week.

      many thanks for all your posts


      • OniOid

        OniOid - 2007-04-02

        Despite my previous comment, I'm all for dressing AoI up, as evidenced by one of my first posts ever:

        Groovy work in the procedural pit, Francois.


    • bob

      bob - 2007-04-02

      Dosn't the Bouy/swing already support a whole Look and Feel java api?

    • francois guillet

      Just to say I've done some homework this week end on the procedural editor and here is the result :

      This message is not just for getting complimented about it (;)), but mainly to tell people who might be tempted to pay attention to this aspect of AoI GUI (just in case).

      Good news are : Peter has incorporated the code into AoI.
      Bad news are : you'll have to wait for 2.5ea1 to experience it. But, hey, wait a minute...
      Good news are : you can check it out using Subversion and test it!


    • Harald G

      Harald G - 2007-04-03

      Francois - like I said in IRC:
      That looks like a future version of AoI - very stylish!

      (Is that a graphic or coded actually?)



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