Requesting a sound sample track

  • Pete

    Pete - 2014-03-12


    Sound tracks have been occasionally discussed in the past, like here and here. The lates discussion started on the FS forum. Strangely I did not find any sound related feature requests. (!)

    Anyway, I came to think, that now, when there is the play-option on the animation score it would seem to be quite natural if it could also play sound at the same time. This way you could match, what is happening on the screen match the soudtrack.

    At it's simplest it probably could just play a pre-made sound file, but I'd rather see a simple sound editor, where you could add tracks, that you could import sound samples into. Each track could have at least the typical mute, solo, volume and pan functions and each soundsample on the track should have a "handbreak" that you don't accidentally move it while trying to do something else.

    Preferably there should be some kind of a way to animate at least the volume and panning. Also a possibility to render and export a .wav sound for further editing would be very useful. -- (I don't imagine that the sound editing would really be the topmost priority in developing AoI unless there is someone who is willing to make the effort. ;) )

    As a fancy feature it'd be nice to be able to connect a sound track with an object, so that the sound could be "raytraced" from the scene with the correct stereo image, obscuring/reflecting environment, decay and delay by distance etc... That'd be quite sophisticated I think. :)

    How does that sound for a feature request?

    The sound track/editor should definitely be a plugin and I'm not sure how feasible this would be with the current core-AoI, but the animation features already have a thing or two that seem rather equivalent to sound handling too.

    I think the biggest question is how to make AoI combine the sound with the animation preview -- and then how to combine the output movie with the sound.


  • Kevin D.

    Kevin D. - 2014-03-12

    Wow, I can't believe it's been 6 years since we had that discussion! Time flies.

    I think the most important use of an audio track is for lip syncing. Most sounds can be added after the fact, but voices need to sync perfectly. Currently, there is no way to do this in AOI. Another issue is that the animation preview doesn't always playback in real time. There would need to be some mechanisms in place to stretch the sound so it fits the timeline. Then there is the issue of what type of sound interpolation to use and how that would affect playback speed.

    There should also be a way of marking the times when important thing happen in the audio. A marker could be place just as a keyframe is place, except it not attached to any object. You could then overlay the time markers on any type of animation track. Perhaps they could show up as vertical bars or something like that. This would allow you to visually see when important sounds happen, rather than constantly scrubbing the timeline. A snap-to-marker feature also seems useful.

  • Pete

    Pete - 2014-03-15

    Okay! The request is in!

    Feel free to comment. I described there all kinds of ideas. Some of the very basic usability the way I see it and some more advanced nice-to-have features.

    I commented before that, this should be implemented as a plugin -- and it probably could -- but thinking it further I realized, that at least some interfaces in the AoI core itself would help greatly and provide more seamless integration of any additional features.

    So lets wait and see, what happens :)


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