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Luke S
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  • Luke S

    Luke S - 2016-10-02

    Its been about a year since there has been a release for AOI, though there has been work done on the application during the meantime.

    One of the goals for some of the recent changes in source hosting, etc, was to shorten the turn around time for getting changes out to the comunity. Here's the first result fo those efforts.

    The attached ZIP file includes all changes to the AOI application since the last release:

    • A couple of small bugfixes related to floating point conversion
    • Fix for twitchy smoohted animations (Long standing bug)
    • Fix wrong raytrace behavior when rendering shadowed mesh object with transparency and refractive material
    • Upgrade to current jogl version

    This zip is a non-install version. Just unzip in a location of your choice, and launch from there. There is no file-type association with a non-install build. Just delete the directory when you are finished/upgraded. Included:

    • Standard launch .exe for Windows
    • Standard launch script for linux
    • jogl native support for:
      • 32 and 64 bit windows
      • OSX
      • 32 and 64 bit intel-compatible linux
      • armv6 and armv6hf linux (raspberry pi and similar)
    • all standard plugins and scripts
    • the standard texture and material library

    No need to do anything to enable the jogl support, the correct libraries are loaded at launch time. Just make sure that your application preferences are set to use JOGL interactive rendering. The jogl update should make jogl-supported interactive rendering much smoother and less buggy on a wide array of hardware, and may give a performance boost over the old version.

    Full installers are on the list, but the installer system needs some updates. Not too long, but it seemed better to put the other updates where you can get at them in the meantime.

    Please try this build out, stress it, etc. Even though its labeled 'alpha' I would expect the application to remain as stable as normal AOI installations.

    For discussion: Is anything missing?

    • Are there any (small) features that you could really use in the next version of AOI?
    • Any bugs that you've noticed that are not already in the tracker?
    • Other issues or comments?
    Last edit: Luke S 2016-10-02
  • Luke S

    Luke S - 2016-10-16

    There has been a bit of a developer discussion about whether we should update to a newer required java version. This ZIP was compiled to target Java 8. If you have any difficulties starting or running it, please let us know. Otherwise, this ZIP should be the same as above.

  • Pete

    Pete - 2016-10-16

    I have used the latest (or almost latestst) Java for my own builds and never ran into a problem. Though, it needs to be noted, that I have not used everything of those AoI:s.

    EDIT: ... and I have everything else pretty much up to date too ...

    Last edit: Pete 2016-10-16
  • Luke S

    Luke S - 2016-10-16

    As have I. The most recent Windows installer was built using a recent JVM. Hovever, the build scripts were still set to target java 5. Both of our builds would still run on older JVMs.

    The build attached above will not. It's intended to get some feedback from the less technical parts of the community, that may not know what version of java they are running.

  • Pete

    Pete - 2016-10-16

    Oh, I see... It's those < ... 1.5> things in the .xml files -- Never thought of that. :)

  • Luke S

    Luke S - 2016-11-03

    Beta 1

    After some discusion, we have decided to postpone updating our required java version to a future release. This build should still be compatible with java 5.

    Added tweaks:

    • Improved perfomance for certain raytracing steps on systems with many processors (>6 to notice any real difference) (This change was available in the above build, I just forgot to note it.)
    • Moved View options to their own menu (Thanks, @peteihis!)
    • Upgraded the windows installer to izpack 5.0.9 (No more 'step 7 windows install bug')

    Please try out the beta builds below, and as always, let us know if anything crops up...

    • Konrad W.

      Konrad W. - 2016-11-20

      @ Luke S.
      Thank You releasing beta1 for AoI 3.0.3! I installed it without any problems via the new Windows-Installer onto an external drive. The new view-menu (in its german translation) is great! Thanks to Pete! First glimpse of new perspectives ;-)
      It seems Raytracer works bit faster on my 4 years old one-core-laptop, too.
      Only missing the RMB panning option in rotate view mode ...

      Last edit: Konrad W. 2016-11-20
  • Pete

    Pete - 2016-11-04

    To me that renders now with full power and the animation tracks are smooth, but that we knew already. Nothign unexpected so far.

    • Klaus B

      Klaus B - 2016-11-06

      Folgender Bug:
      Wenn man in der Posespur einen Keyframe zwischen 2 schon vorhandene Keyframes setzt, enthält dieser zunächst automatisch die beiden benachbarten Posen. Wenn man eine Pose davon löscht und die andere behalten möchte, wird nach dem OK nicht die belassene Pose sonder die default-Pose angezeigt.
      Unzweckmäßig ist:
      Wenn man in die Positions- oder Rotationsspur grafisch anzeigt, dann den Maßstab ändert und dann einen Keyframe setzt, springt die Ansicht auf den Anfangs-Maßstab zurück.
      Wahrscheinlich war dieses gar nicht Gegenstand der neuen Version 3.0.3. beta1. Ich möchte es hier trotzdem mal posten.
      Ich entschuldige mich dafür, dass ich auf deutsch schreibe, hoffe aber, dass man die Google-Übersetzung ins Englische verstehen kann.

  • Pete

    Pete - 2016-11-06

    Hi! Thanks for posting.

    The following bug:
    If you set a keyframe between 2 already existing keyframes in the pose track, this automatically contains the two neighboring poses. If you want to delete a pose and keep the other, after the OK is not the remaining pose but the default pose is displayed.

    Hmmm. I cannot reproduce this.

    I had keyframes at 0.0, 1.0 and 3.0 seconds. The 0.0 with Default pose, the 1.0 with Pose 1 (weight 1.0) and the 3.0 with Pose 2 (weight 1.0). Then added a keyframe at 2.0 seconds. There both of the poses are present with weights 0.563 and 0.5. When I remove one pose the other one remains. BUT (I'm guessing, this might be what happened) if my time marker is at 0.0 then the view of course shows, what happens at 0.0 seconds.

    It is not appropriate:
    When you graphically display the position or rotation track, then change the scale, and then set a keyframe, the view returns to the initial scale.

    I could not make this happen either. I am not sure if I understood? Were you working with the Camera view? And where is your time marker?

    Probably this was not the subject of the new version 3.0.3. Beta1. I felt like posting it here anyway.

    Right. I would not postpone the 3.0.3 any longer. There are fixes that I would have hoped to be out already and if more fixes are to come then it's time for another bug-fix release.

    I apologize for writing in German, but I hope you understand the Google-translation into English.

    Just fine. Changed a couple of words and that's all. :)

  • Luke S

    Luke S - 2016-11-06

    Danke für Deinen Bericht, Klaus.

    Regarding your second point: You are refering to the scale of the graph of the track?

    If so, I have not been able to reproduce this.

    If not, could you attach screenshots showing what you mean?

  • Klaus B

    Klaus B - 2016-11-08

    Ein Video zum Punkt 1.
    Ich hoffe, es ist nicht zu groß.

  • Klaus B

    Klaus B - 2016-11-08

    Ein Video zum Punkt 1.
    Ich hoffe, es ist nicht zu groß.

  • Klaus B

    Klaus B - 2016-11-08

    Zu meiner zweiten Bemerkung.
    Ich hoffe, es ist auch ohne Kommentar zu verstehen.

  • Klaus B

    Klaus B - 2016-11-08

    Noch ein Bug. Ich hatte ihn schon vergessen, obwohl ich ihn fast täglich habe. So sehr habe ich mich schon daran gewöhnt:
    Meine Attachments zeigen einen Ausschnitt aus einem größeren Gemeinschaftsprojekt mit Konrad.
    Es ist wohl die Größe, die Komplexhet der Figuren oder die Menge der Posen, dass AoI es nicht bemerkt, wenn man mehrere (viele, wie man eben so arbeitet) Änderungen vorgenommen hat. Der Speichern-Menü-Punkt bleibt grau. Beim Schließen erfolgt kein Speichern.
    Ich habe mir angewöhnt, immer speichern als auszuführen - abwechselnd in zwei Versionen.

  • Luke S

    Luke S - 2016-11-09

    @Klaus: Danke.

    Bug 1: I see it in your video. Will need to investigate further.
    Bug 2: I've duplicated. Thanks for the video.

    Bug 3: Sounds much more serious than the other two.

    • Is this something that you can reliably duplicate, or is it somewhat random?
    • Does it tend to happen with certain kinds of edits and not others?
    • Is AOI producing any error messages or log output? Install the log plugin, or start AOI from a command prompt, and redirect the output to a file.
  • Klaus B

    Klaus B - 2016-11-09

    Der Bug 3 tritt sehr oft auf, aber nicht immer. Nach wenigen Handlungen ist es mir bisher nicht aufgefallen. Aber, wenn ich länger an einem komlexen Projekt gearbeitet habe (z.B. am Kontrabassspieler) tritt es immer wieder auf. Rekonstruieren kann ich es nicht. Wie sollte das auch gehen? Ich habe in letzter Zeit immer mal wieder vor dem Speichern als nachgesehen, ob im Menü Speichern schwarz oder grau ist. Es war meistens grau. (ich achte demnächst besser darauf)
    Da es bei sehr vielen Änderungen auftritt, kann ich nicht sagen, welche schuld daran ist.
    Ich setze Keyframes in der Posespur, bilde dazu entsprechende Posen, bewege und drehe die Figur. Was man eben so macht, wenn man eine Animation machen will. Die AoI-Datei hat 35 MB.
    Leider kann ich dazu kein Video herstellen. Ist sicher verständlich.
    Ich verstehe auch, dass es für dich sehr kompliziert ist, einen solchen Fehler zu lokalisieren.

    Ich starte AoI vom Desktop und wähle dann Letzte öffnen. Dort würde ich den Fehler nicht suchen. Ich arbeite manchmal auch unter ubuntu. Hier tritt der Fehler in der gleichen Art und Weise auf.

    Fehlermeldung sind mir nicht bekannt - keine Alerts - oder wo kann man nachsehen..

    Wenn ich etwas spezielles analysieren kann, sage es mir bitte. Ich helfe gern.

    Ich könnte zum Beispiel während der Arbeit regelmäßig kontrollieren, ob Speichern grau geworden ist. Du müßtest mir dazu sagen, welche Datei ich dir dann liefern soll.

    Last edit: Klaus B 2016-11-11
  • Pete

    Pete - 2016-11-11

    OOT: On your videos it looks as if the ViewManipulation plugin had been translated to German? Nobody ever told me. :)

  • Pete

    Pete - 2016-11-12

    Die Videos wurden mit original AoI3.0.3.beta1 deutsch gemacht.

    Ach ja! :)

  • YardStick

    YardStick - 2016-11-15

    Beta than ever, as they say. :D

    Took me a while to finally download this and try it out.
    Took me significantly shorter while to figure out which plugins still work with it and which ones crash it at the splash screen.
    Luckily the incompatible plugins I've hardly ever used, so nothing crucial is missing.

    I did a quick test with one of my unfinished projects. Those usually have been somewhat big and laggy scenefiles.

    Here are my first impressions:
    I think it runs smoother now. Less choppy and faster.
    It seems all the odd input lag (Click, drag and wait to see if it actually moves, etc. ) is gone, hopefully for good.
    Also the viewmanipulation seems to... well how to put this.. work so well you hardly even notice it. Very intuitive. And it seems to work with PME too, which it kinda almost did when it was a plugin.

    I'll test this further when I get another burst of creativity. They don't come so often but when they do, it's serious.. ;)

    My system: Win10 64-bit i5@3.4GHz, 8Gb, 64-bit Java.

    • Pete

      Pete - 2016-11-16

      These ase actually comments on the prototype with the view manipulation developmemt. That has the main improvements of 3.0.3 included too.

      ... viewmanipulation ... work so well you hardly even notice it.

      Good to hear :)

      Last edit: Pete 2016-11-16
  • Luke S

    Luke S - 2016-11-17

    Thanks for the feedback, yardstick. Can you list the incompatible plugins that you found? Also, was that testing done on the beta build above, or @Pete's experimental build?

    @Klaus: I'm now having trouble reproducing bug 2: not sure what's up with that...

  • Pete

    Pete - 2016-11-17

    Maybe I'll stir the soup a bit more.... (YardStick does not follow the SF forum very actively)

    When he mentioned, that he was testing the 3.0.3, I asked him to give a spin to the prototype as well. It did not occur to me to point out, that those are separate things. Clearly a lot of above is about the prototype as the viewmanilupation of 3.0.3 has not changed from earlier.

    This I believe to appy to both of them:

    I think it runs smoother now. Less choppy and faster.
    It seems all the odd input lag (Click, drag and wait to see if it actually moves, etc. ) is gone, hopefully for good.

    This then:

    Took me significantly shorter while to figure out which plugins still work with it and which ones crash it at the splash screen.

    Well, I downloaded everything fresh from the repository to both versions and to my utter surprise neither one reports any errors at start-up. I'm not sure, what is up with YardStick's plugin collection, but possibly somethig version related.

    What does happen is, that when System outs are directed to files, there is the already known comment, in Errors, that EffectsCatcher could not be loaded. On 3.0.3 it also says:

    marraskuuta 17, 2016 1:20:07 getControllers
    WARNING: Found unknown Windows version: Windows 10
    marraskuuta 17, 2016 1:20:07 getControllers
    WARNING: Attempting to use default windows plug-in.

    and in the other System out there is a lot of all kinds of writing, over 2000 lines all together and TroyTools produces an IOException in both versions. The culprit seems to be:

    EDIT: More about the errors.

    Last edit: Pete 2016-11-17
  • Luke S

    Luke S - 2016-11-17

    @pete: you're not playing with the HID plugin, are you? I'm trying to figure out which plugin uses package namespace.

    TroyTools: Some ofthe functionality in this plugin I would like to fold in to core in one form or another, eventually.

    Please also be aware that if you try to install Hologram from the repository, it will not work. It has not been compatible since 3.0. There is an updated file in the plugins discussion board.

    @Klaus: I've not been able to duplicate the effects of your bug 1. Looking at the video further, I'm wondering if perhaps some of your poses don't have the shape you think they do...

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