#462 When rendering a scene with many objects, not all of them will render consistently

3.0 beta (1)
Ed Kolis

For instance, with these two scenes.

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  • Luke S

    Luke S - 2013-09-25

    Okay, that is weird... I can confirm that these scenes cause rendering issues. Large parts of the geometry do not render at all. A few points that may be relevant:

    • In these cases, at least, the many objects are all live duplicates of each other. Severing the duplicates Does seem to solve rendering issues.
    • The duplicated items are arranged in patterns where there are many co-planar intersecting surfaces. (the sort of thing that would give the CSG editor a heart attack:)
    • When working with the live duplicates, the rendering issues are incredibly sensitive to lighting settings, textures, rendering resolution, etc. (Changing the angular radius of a directional light changes what parts of the geometry render... even if you are not using soft shadows, or any AA at all.)
    • Subsequent renders with exactly the same settings do not always render the same parts of the geometry, especially if you render with different settings in between...

    *So, To get things working for now:*

    • Sever all of your live duplicate items before rendering.

    *Actions for Bug Report:*

    • Remove label: <3.0 beta> I've tested with version 2.9.1, and gotten the exact same rendering bug.
    • Look into how live duplicate geometry can interfere with itself... The finished renders (see attached images) look like only some copies of the duplicates ever have ray intersections calculated?
    Last edit: Luke S 2013-09-25
  • Luke S

    Luke S - 2016-08-24

    Just reconfirmed this issue on 3.0.2. Something wierd, though: It seems to only happen if you run the render dialog. The Interactive raytraced render mode seems immune.


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