#402 Animation -> Show Score just don't work


Only way to show the score for animating is dragging the hidden bottom window up.

Nor Animation -> Show Score option, nor little arrows in the bottom left works.


  • Guillermo Pérez

    nevermind. little arrows started to work when i maximized the aoi window. An the option in main menu too. But there's something confusing in this.

    Is not enought to drag the section up, i think, to make those issues work. Main window should be maximized, guess.

  • Peter Eastman

    Peter Eastman - 2009-11-01

    What operating system and Java version are you using? All of this works correctly for me.

  • Guillermo Pérez

    Hi Peter. I'm on Windows XP, nowadays with Java 6 update 16.

    When AoI launch, the window covers all the screen but notice it's not maximized. And then the score just don't response. If i maximize the windows, then little buttons does work, but showing just a thin row, that has to be resized manually.

    So, confusing thing is that if window is not maximized the controls just wont show the time score, and users would ignore why. I realized that the AoI main windows wasn't maximized because i was trying several ways to solve this, but this is not much clear at the beginning neither.

    I reported this because is confusing for new (XP) users.


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