#340 Unable to Install Polymesh plugin - size mismatch


I am unable to install the polymesh plugin from the new AOI (2.5.1). It complains about a size mismatch, with the downloaded file's size exceeding what it expected to get.


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    Still unable, some more info. Here is the message I receive

    Error(C:\DOCUME~1\ABC~1\LOCALS~1\Temp\SPManager\Plugins\PolyMesh.jar.upd)java.io.IOException: SPManager: file incomplete. Only received 1338222 bytes of 1337696

    Using scripts and plugins manager v1.5

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    I browsed the repository at


    and think I have an idea of what went wrong. The PolyMesh_2.5_old.jar has a file size of 1338222 while the file PolyMesh_2.5.jar has the correct 1337696 file size. I downloaded the PolyMesh_2.5.jar file manually and suppose the plugin manager is somehow trying to get this file, but points to the other, old file and have the sizes mixed up.

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    New SPManager seems to fix the problem. The new Preferences plugin gave a similar problem, but no longer as well.

  • Nik Trevallyn-Jones

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    I have tested to ensure that PolyMesh can currently installed, which it can.

    Given that you are retrieving *more* bytes than the reported file size, I can only presume that the PolyMesh file was actually updated on the download server between the time SPManager retrieved the file size, and when the download actually started.

    I will look at the code to see if the window of opportunity for this to occur can be reduced.

    Could you please verify that you can currently download PolyMesh without error?


  • Luke S

    Luke S - 2014-12-27
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  • Luke S

    Luke S - 2014-12-27

    No one has reported anything like this in a couple of years, and the original report seems to have been due to a one-time glitch at the plugin repository. Not an AOI core bug.


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