#280 Starting AoI 2.4 makes WinXP reboot


I just installed AoI 2.4 on WinXP SP1 with the new installer (by the usual process of successively clicking "next" and then "done", i.e., just the default installation, except that I ran the installer using "run as..." my admin account because it complained about my user account not having write permissions.
Then when I clicked the shortcut from the "Start menu" it started AoI, and immediately caused the PC to restart.
I tried it once more by double-clicking the program icon in the AoI forlder under "Program files" and again it oppened AoI, and immediately after the splash screen disappeared the AoI interface was visible for a split second and the PC rebooted.

BTW, there is no uninstall shortcut in the AoI start menu folder but there are two "Start AoI" shortcuts, one in that folder and one in the top level of the start folder.


  • Peter Eastman

    Peter Eastman - 2006-12-19

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    That sounds bad! My suspicion is that it's caused by a bug in JOGL. Could you try an experiment? Move the three dlls out of the ArtOfIllusion folder. That will disable OpenGL rendering, and make it use the software renderer instead. Does that make the problem go away?

  • hadaso

    hadaso - 2006-12-19

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    > mkdir temp
    > move jo* temp
    then oppened AOI from the shortcut in the Start menu and it worked without problem!
    So it was JOGL!

  • Peter Eastman

    Peter Eastman - 2006-12-20

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    I did a search on the JOGL forums for anyone else experiencing this. I found a couple of 1-2 year old reports, nothing more recent. In both cases, people claimed it was caused by a bug in the video drivers, and recommended upgrading them to the latest version. Can you try that?

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    This happened to me as well XP SP2). The splash screen appeared for a second, and vanished. PC did not crash.
    Moved the jo* files to a temp dir. as described, and it worked!


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