#170 Wrong Coordinates for Extracted Curves


Extracted curves seem to incorrectly inherit the
coordinates of the objects they were extracted from.
Example from link shows an extracted curve that reads
X=7, when it should read X=4.



  • Peter Eastman

    Peter Eastman - 2005-05-06

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    I don't know what you mean by "incorrectly". When you extract a curve,
    the curve object will have exactly the same position and orientation as the
    object you extracted it from, and each control vertex of the curve will be at
    exactly the same position in local coodinates as the corresponding vertex
    of the original mesh. That's the intended behavior. It makes it much
    easier to match up objects.

  • OniOid

    OniOid - 2005-05-15

    Logged In: YES

    That seems counterintuitive. :)
    A ground-level kitchen sink is not going to be in the same
    place as an upstairs washroom sink...
    But currently, it appears that if I have a house object, and
    I want to extract some curves from it in an upper area of it
    to use to locate and to begin modeling the upstairs washroom
    sink from, AoI is telling me-- vis-a-vis those extracted
    curves and their coordinates-- that the upstairs washroom
    sink will not actually be upstairs per se, but, rather, will
    be floating somewhere in the middle of the house. I mean,
    sure, they're where they're supposed to be, but how do I
    align completely new, unextracted curves against those
    extracted curves if they are all the same coordinates as the
    original house object?
    ...If I want to create a kind of scaffolding using extracted
    curves, it is currently exceedingly difficult to add and
    align any extra curves relative to the scaffolding when all
    the scaffolding's curves are inheriting the same coordinates
    as the object!

    So, unless I'm missing something, an option to reset local
    coordinates (of any curve or object-- extracted or
    otherwise) would seem very desirable, if only from a
    spacial-alignment standpoint.


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