I'm trying to port vblade to win32 using the winpcap library as a personal project, done it by just recoding something on linux.c...and compiled without problems on the latest orwell dev c++, however when the server is run, it can be seen on most aoe initiators, the problem is that when mounting the said "blade", it would not automount as an extra drive on windows while the original vblade server would have and no problems...this is just the problem i'm getting and if it would work, it's likely to work on mounting/booting an img file...any thoughts?

vblade-19, winpcap 4.12, orwell dev c++ (latest)

-changed getpkt, putpkt with wpcap related function
-changed putsec, getsec with ReadFile, WriteFile C functions

ported it okay, but with mounting problems, img booting (winxp) just okay on first part, booting to protected mode fails...(just there with the 'knight rider' status bar, nothing happening)