I usually use aoe-flush to stop using an aoe block device  on a client. Doing so has the great advantage of deleting an exported device from a client and still use others from other target (or not). While unloading the module shuts everything down.
Flushing aoe devices require recent aoe module, won't work on stock Kernel AFAIR.

Le 15 mai 2012 17:38, "Charles Chou" <cchou@kimberlite.com> a écrit :
    What is the proper way to gracefully shutdown an AOE session?  I
have been just killing the vblade processes on the server and rmmod aoe
on the client but this seems unnatural.

     Also vblade is run as a foreground process as default. To make it
run as a daemon I had to just put it in background with an & (I need to
export more than one target). Is this the right way?

    Lastly, where does the vblade log go? Do I need to explicitly do a
re-direct of stdout/stderr?

Charles Chou

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