On 5/8/06, Sam Hopkins <sah@coraid.com> wrote:
The stack dump you've provided does not show the aoe module as part of
the problem.  This doesn't necessarily mean that the aoe module or
some other module didn't screw up the timer lock (which appears to be
the problem).  In any event, this does not ring any bells as a known

If you're not running the latest AoE driver I recommend upgrading.

OK. I will try upgrading the driver. So far I was using deafult AOE driver in 2.6.16 linux source tree.




> Hi,
> I put some printks in AOE module and also collected a stack of kernel crash.
> As I said previously this crash doesn't happen when I do repetitive
> writes/reads to the AOE device by mounting/unmounting it. This crash occurs
> whenever I boot a Xen domU from the AOE device.
> I put printks in all the functions in aoechr,aoeblk,aoenet,aoecmd,aoemain;
> therefore the last function that gets called (or at least get logged to log
> file) when the dom0 crash happens at the time of booting domU is aoenet_xmit
> from aoenet.c file.
> I don't have a serial console to copy-paste the stack so here is my manual
> copy of the stack trace dumped on screen at the time of crash:
> -------------------------------------------------------------------
> Soft lockup detected on CPU#01
> IP is lock_timer_base+0x47/0x50
> try_to_del_timer_sync
> del_timer_sync
> blk_sync_queue
> blk_cleanup_queue
> unplug_queue
> blkif_schedule
> autoremove_wake_function
> autoremove_wake_function
> blkif_schedule
> kthread
> kthread
> kernel_thread_helper
> -------------------------------------------------------------------
> Does this ring any bells?
> Any help is appreciated.
> Thanks a lot.
> Jayesh

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