I am using OCFS2 (which is like GFS) for the filesystem to handle multiple servers reading and writting from a disk that is mounted on more than one server, is that still a bad idea?

Also I read if I use GFS. How can this be true unless I attach the GFS volume to an ethernet card?

On 10/23/06, Andrei Levin <andrei@lanart.it> wrote:
On Mon, 2006-10-23 at 23:06 -0700, Jake Conk wrote:
> I'm trying to setup a small SAN on my local network that consists of 3
> extra disks, each on 3 servers. Each disk is 100gb and here is the
> simple setup...
> Server A, 100 GB on eth0 sharing as eth0.0
> Server B, 100 GB on eth0 sharing as eth1.0
> Server C, 100 GB on eth0 sharing as eth2.0
> Now what I want to do is RAID them together as a RAID 0 so I have a
> total of 300 GB and I would like to be able to have this configuration
> working on each server so that each server can access wherever I mount
> the 300 GB RAID 0 on its local paths
You can't. And probably you don't even want it because you should never
mount the same file-system on more than one server (at least if you are
not using something like GFS).
>  but the problem is each server does not detect what it is serving up
> with vblade so thus my raid configurations can't be the exact same on
> each server,
That's true.
>  it seems that I must configure each raid configuration indvidually.
> If I go to Server A and do `aoe-stat' I may get something that looks
> like...
> e1.0       100GB   eth0 up
> e2.0       100GB   eth0 up
> ... but e0.0 will not show up so I would have to configure my RAID
> with the disks `/dev/sdb', `/dev/etherd/e1.0', and
> `/dev/etherd/e2.0'.
> So in conclusion is it possible to setup all the devices that are
> being shared as a single 300 GB RAID that may be accessed by multiple
> servers
>  or must I only setup the RAID on 1 server then share it with NFS?


P.S. I hope you will *not* put critical data on such array...

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