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Thanks for reply and sorry for all the unclear mails from myside. Actaully my requiremnt is to stop vblade service from server side ( or to remove the exported device ), Please tell weather its possible with vblade and if it is then how ? Any specific command or url will be most welcome.

On Tue, May 19, 2009 at 6:20 PM, Ed Cashin <> wrote:
I don't understand why you mention "vbladed" and "detach" together.
The vbladed is a wrapper for vblade that launches it as a daemon.

Perhaps, I have misundrstood vblade man page, sorry for it.

The  vbladed  script can be used to daemonize the vblade process, detaching it from your terminal and sending its output to the system  logs.

Your aoe-flush command cannot work without a /dev/etherd/flush
device file in place.  Check the Linux Support Page at CORAID
for distro-specific tips, where you'll find RHEL/CentOS tips
that should help udev create the device nodes.

Thanks for the suggestion. I am trying this.



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