Hi Smart,

Thanks for all the guide lines and showing some goals. I wish  some more valuable suggestions and guidelines from you as well as from othe community members, because i wish a bright path for AoE in storage networking.

Thanks & Best Regards,

On Sun, Apr 19, 2009 at 11:10 AM, er krishna <erkrishna@gmail.com> wrote:

On Sun, Apr 19, 2009 at 3:11 AM, Smart <smart@smartpal.de> wrote:
As this is a kind of request for "goals" i just and plain state such here, despite that it is not a developing target as such. More a use case.

>>>> Use Cases are also welcome.....& believe me it has same value for me like any development work.

IMO diskless boot is a big thing, and for achieving such all the related components should get attention.

>>>> Once I have setup PXE booting for thinclients when I was working with UNDI driver.  and let me tell you diskless booting is not  a big thing, its' an interesting work ;  you can always have  fun when you play with booting work.

- Adding boot support for AoE in distros (i.e. i have built myself an initrd to boot from AoE via PXE)

>>>> I think PXE booting ( with the help of DHCP server + TFTP server ) support for AoE is already provided by Coraid. Win AoE also provide support of diskless booting  for Windows client.  Ed Cashin can comment on this.

- Perfect would be, if BIOSs would support booting from AoE (as has afaik recently be realized by AMI for iSCSI, AoE should be easier no ?), open BIOSs should get support. That way it should even be possible to boot MS Software from AoE.
 >>>> This seems quite interesting work. I will have a look of it and let you know after my investigation. Some more clear and detail problem statement ( oe guideline ) from your side can help me to achieve this target easily .

- Getting AoE support into common NAS devices (especially bigger RAIDed ones)

>>>> Just asking, ( may be  I am not aware ) , is there any problem with AoE in terms of storage capacity when it is used with bigger RAID devices ? If its'  like that then please let me know. I will have a look of it also.

Thanks & Best Regards,

er krishna schrieb:
Dear All,

Its a long time for me to playing with AoE targets and now I think I should contribute something to AoE. AoE has to go a long way, so we can always make it comparable to iSCSI in terms of reliablility, speed and features.

First of all, I want to list out  the features where we can get challanges if we use AoE in Enterprise SAN.

I want to ask all the community members weather they are kernel hackers, system admin or end users : where you feel that some features are missing in AoE. Tell me the features which you really want or you think it should be in AoE targets (like configuration files, GUI, MPIO, Platform Comaptibility). I just want to know at least one feature from all the people in AoE community, so that I can filter some of  them and start working accordingly.

Thanks & Best regards,

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