Dear All,

Its a long time for me to playing with AoE targets and now I think I should contribute something to AoE. AoE has to go a long way, so we can always make it comparable to iSCSI in terms of reliablility, speed and features.

First of all, I want to list out  the features where we can get challanges if we use AoE in Enterprise SAN.

I want to ask all the community members weather they are kernel hackers, system admin or end users : where you feel that some features are missing in AoE. Tell me the features which you really want or you think it should be in AoE targets (like configuration files, GUI, MPIO, Platform Comaptibility). I just want to know at least one feature from all the people in AoE community, so that I can filter some of  them and start working accordingly.

Thanks & Best regards,