Dear All,

I have exported my dev/sda5 which contains a file system through aoed. But I am not able to mount it on client side. I am getting following error message:

[root@aoeclient ~]# ls -l /dev/etherd/e0.0
brwxrwxrwx 1 root disk 152, 0 2009-02-13 12:06 /dev/etherd/e0.0
[root@aoeclient ~]#
[root@aoeclient ~]# mount /dev/etherd/e0.0 /mnt/
mount: you must specify the filesystem type
[root@aoeclient ~]#
[root@aoeclient ~]#

Can anybody tell me how can I mount it. If I first make a file-system over this device, then I will loose all the existing data coz it has already a filesystem with it and there are data on it. So, please help me out here to acess my data safely on client side.