I’m using CentOS 5.6 ( 2.618-238.el5) with aoe module aoe 6-77.

When I launch “modprobe aoe”, everything seems ok, except it cannot create device file in /dev/etherd/

Because I need to perform special experiment, I need to use vary slow device. It totally needs over 3 minutes to read all sectors that OS want when I press “modprobe aoe”.

If I improve the device’s speed, the device node “/dev/etherd/e1.2” will be established normally.


The following is the information I got when /dev/etherd/ e1.2 fail to be created.

Can anyone help me?

I very appreciate your kindly help.


1) Aoe module is loaded:



localhost kernel: aoe: e1.2: setting 1024 byte data frames

localhost kernel: aoe: 00241da16536 e1.2 v0041 has 102400 sectors

localhost kernel:  etherd/e1.2: unknown partition table


2) aoe-stat report no problem

  e1.2         0.052GB       eth0 1024  up


3) aoe-ping and aoe-sancheck seems ok




Name    Status  MTU     PCI ID

eth0    UP      1500    1022:2000




Device  Macs    Payload Local Interfaces

e1.2       1    0       eth0


4) lsmod | grep aoe can find aoe module

aoe    55968  0






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