Ed L. Cashin wrote:
On Thu, Feb 22, 2007 at 11:54:07AM -0800, Don Hiatt wrote:
This is also true, look in main() and you will see that a single block device is 
opened. Someone has created a fork that can serve up multiple block devices in a 
single vblade process, check the Aoetools archives.

If I recall correctly, the kvblade also does that.
I think kvblade is still marked as alpha? Althoughg even then, I personally prefer a userspace solution.

I looked through the archives, and found a few messages where people referred to solutions they were working on, but I couldn't find anything that appeared to be actually under development. Can you give me a pointer ?

Also, is there a specific reason for the 'main' vblade not supporting multiple devices, or is it just a case of 'noone needed it so far' ?

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