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ERROR: Bluetooth service is not active ???

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2009-05-09

    Hi! I would love to start using what seems to be a great and useful program

    However, there are some rather pressing issues that I cannot seem to fix:
    1. Whenever I start up ganyremote, I get the following message: "Bluetooth service is not active" even though my mobile phone and computer are paired
    2. When I open up Device Browser, I cannot see my mobile phone
    3. When I press Scan for New Devices in the device browser, my entire system hangs, and I have to force a manual restart

    Is there any reason why this does not work? I have no problems otherwise using bluetooth between my computer and my Nokia. I am using the lastest Ubuntu, and I have a usb Bluetooth device plugged in.


    Etienne Snyman

    • Anonymous

      Anonymous - 2009-05-09

      Never mind, it works perfectly. I just could not understand the online manual.

    • Mike

      Mike - 2009-05-09

      >Whenever I start up ganyremote, I get the following message: "Bluetooth
      >service is not active" even though my mobile phone and computer are
      This issue should be fixed in latest version. Try to update ganyremote.

    • Keito

      Keito - 2009-07-07

      Hi I am receiving the same error.  How did you fix it?

      I have installed from the ubuntu repos (jaunty) and have also got my n95 coupled with my laptop via bluetooth.

      Please Help!

    • Keito

      Keito - 2009-07-08


      After having read the online documentation then I have finally answered my own question.  Though as it is not just as simple as installing the server in linux and then connecting I shall explain the process quickly to give people who are having the same troubles a heads-up.

      After installing the anyremote package in linux (choose your flavour!), you must then install the java client on your phone.

      You must then connect to the linux machine via your scosen method, in my case bluetooth.

      I had to find out the bluettoh address to connect to by using the following code

      $hcitool dev

      This should then return something like this...

      "    hci0     00:28:56:BE:B8:KF    "

      you then take this and connect using


      At this point it should auto add the ports to the address and then all you need to do is hit connect.

      Good Luck!

    • Keito

      Keito - 2009-07-08

      Oh and if you're still encountering troubles, try bringing up the ganyremote (kanyremote, etc) interface and starting the process for the application, eg; Rhythmbox.  Then connect using your phone.


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