Maurizio Berti - 2009-09-21

Hello, I just changed my phone from a Nokia S40 (6125) to a S60v5 (5800XM). I found that the java file I had in the old configuration was not the best for this phone (buttons too small and double/triple tapping for some operations), then I upgraded to the last one. Unfortunally it looks that there are some issues when the configuration loads, since usually the buttons appear for a fraction of a second and then the main screen of anyRemote becomes completely black. I tried every client from the latest version, but it doesn't look a problem related to icon size. The only case that *seems* to work is when the phone is just switched on: if I open anyRemote it usually works, but then if I close it and open it immediately it doesn't work anymore.
I was lucky I saved the old version (4.03) that at least works, even if it's not really comfortable with a device like this.
Phone configuration is almost standard, I use default theme. I'm using a couple of Symbian apps that work as Task Manager and an alternate Home screen, but even if disabled and closed the problem still remains.
Any ideas?