3view TV set top box - control possible?

  • Matt Larkin

    Matt Larkin - 2011-10-11

    My UK set top box, for watching free TV, is an ethernet enabled device.  Users of the box have recently discovered that the box can be remote controlled via telnet commands.

    To start this, it is simply "telnet x.x.x.x PORT" (replacing x.x.x.x with IP address and PORT with the port no ;-) ) and then a series of text commands - e.g. "Power " powers the box out of standby, "Guide" brings up the programme guide, "Number1" presses number 1 etc etc.

    (see http://forum.3view.com/post/Over-View-of-Remote-IP-commands-5449812 for more detail)

    Is it possible to set up anyRemote to control this box just with my Nokia symbian phone?

    (As an aside, I'd have to address it as a WAN IP address and port-forwarding in my router, as I don't have wifi on my phone, but I do have UMTS, so I assume this is also feasible)?

    Have set up the .jad install on my phone, but got no further than that at present.



  • Mike

    Mike - 2011-10-14

    Nokia symbian phone can be a client part, not a server.
    To control some device you need to have server part of anyRemote installed somethere.

    So, in short, only symbian phone is not enough to control set top box.

  • Matt Larkin

    Matt Larkin - 2011-10-14

    Thanks, I thought I was missing something.  So the application requires a server installed on a PC (or other device) which the client in the phone will connect to and handle remote control.  That was the bit I was missing from the description of the application here. 

    I would have thought that consumer devices with IP addresses are going to become more common place over the next few years, so an app which can run from a phone that could be customised to include / map whichever telnet (or similar) IP commands control the device would be very useful.  I see one has come around already on the iOS platform, but for cost reasons that's not a route I can see myself going down.  Android, perhaps.




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