Anonymous - 2009-11-29


First of all, am very pleased to see this project exist for Linux Community. Just came across while searching for a Presentation Controller for Linux PCs (am having a presentation to be done next week!). And to my wonder and joy I found one-click install available for my OpenSUSE 11.2 and installed both the anyremote and the kanyremote flawlessly. You have done an amazing job here.

Have even installed the Java Client on my Samsung Corby (S3653) without any issue. Now I have my Phone paired with my OpenSUSE 11.2 through KDE Bluetooth Manager. Then started KAnyRemote and scanned for my mobile phone and added to it. It says "Availalble" in the Phone's status column in the "Device Browser" Dialog. I have started the All in 1 V2 and it changed the status Managed.

In my Phone I started the Anyremote Java client and selected "Search" It was only showing "comm:USB" & "comm:Serial". So as given in the Documentation I tried "btspp://xxxxxxxxxxxx:19". All fine till now.

But when I select and connect, It throws me the following errors:

**openConnection Exception Can not create RFCOMM connection.**

and as given in the FAQ section, when I unpaired the phone and reconnected it with my PC via bluetooth, this time while connecting the status bar in the KAnyRemote Application says Connected to Phone but am still on the Connection List on the phone. Not getting the UI to operate. How to fix this ? Please Help.