• gberenz

    gberenz - 2009-03-30


    I was testing the java client app on my Samsung SGH-F250L in server mode, but it didn't works. The problem is in the getWord() method on ARProtocol class. This method


    always return -1. I commented the following lines and the cell phone was capable to receive data from the PC.

    btoRead = 1;   //added line
    //if (btoRead <= 0)
    //      btoRead = iStream.available();

    I test it, in the PC i receive data from the cell phone and can send data throught hyperterminal.

    Maybe there is a problem with the jsr implementation in my cellphone. Maybe i have to set something. I don't know.

    If the logs were necessary, sorry, i can't send log files because i don't run linux on my PC, so i couldn't test the PC app. But i develop a small C# app that controls the WMP

    Hope this helps to others.

    Best Regards

    • Mike

      Mike - 2009-03-31

      So, does You patch solves the problem ?
      (did java client with the patch works properly ?)

      Is there are any chance to test Your application with another
      phone ? (which supports java client properly)

    • gberenz

      gberenz - 2009-04-15


      No, the patch doesn't solve te problem. The


      method is a blocking method. Maybe, if the read and write process were separated in differents thread, the app with the patch would work correctly.

      I didn't have enough time to modify the java client app. But on this weekend i'll try a modification.

      I'll try the app with another cell phone. I'll post the results.

      Best Regards


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