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  • Ubunt00

    Ubunt00 - 2010-04-27

    Hi all. I am relatively new to Linux and am currently trying to set up anyremote as a  controller for a htpc. I am using ubuntu hardy 8.05.

    I have been trying to configure anyremote correctly for 2 days now (literately, I didnt get to sleep till 4am last night and I started back on it as soon as I got up).

    First problem was installing. The .deb only seems to install the front end. This is very confusing for someone not used to linux.

    Then installing anyremote turned into a living hell. I continually got a can not find bluetooth.h error. I then installed the bluez dev package. This didnt fix it. Then found something that I dont even remember which did help me get past that error. Now came a new error, cant find xtest! Arrrgh!!!!! So I installed with out x11. Dont know what that means but it installed this time.

    Now getting the java program on my phone was another headache, but I do now have it. Althuogh right now I have the options of tiny buttons you cant see or huge ones that dont fit on the screen. However I relize i only need to find the correct ones for my phone.

    Ok so the stage now is that I can start the gui, pic a config (xbmc) press start and BAM! nothing. disconnected from phone. the phone says its connected but I am sure its lying to me.

    Please help. I would be tearing my hair out if I had any.

    Let me know what details you need and how to find them before both phone and htpc are smashed to smithereens.

  • Mike

    Mike - 2010-04-28

    Firstly, are there any chance to migrate to latest Ubuntu version ?  IMHO deb's for hardy are very old.

    Which phone do You have ?
    Does search from java client was successful ?
    Please run anyremote from console with additional -log parameter and then send $HOME/.anyRemote/anyremote.log to
    anyremote (at)


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