Support for anyremote out of the X server

  • Anonymous - 2008-12-31

    Running anyremote from console (init script) segfaults when I press some key on the midlet.
    I'm supposing that anyremote iniects some X events for mouse/keyboard emulation, if not please ignore the rest of this message :)
    This results in some kind of problems:
    *) I need an X session to use anyremote, and cannot control a text based application, or the system with shutdown/reboot etc.
    *) When applications/Xserver downs the monitor power, using anyremote does not reactiaves it, for example in mythtv while idling in the main menu and the screen comes black I have to select "Watch TV" to have the screen displayed again while cycling trough the menus with anyremote is not sufficient.

    I imagine that this is a core design so it may be that changing this is not easy, but it will be very interesting to iniect keyboard/mouse events directly in the kernel input layer.
    As a workaround for the idle screen problem, anyremote could tell to X to check the screen power status and reactivate it if necessary.


    • Mike

      Mike - 2009-01-02

      Which version of anyremote do You use ?
      Please run it with "-log" parameter, reproduce the crash and send
      $HOME/.anyRemote/anyremote.log to anyremote (at)


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