High-res Application Icon?

  • d6g

    d6g - 2009-05-08

    First of all, many thanks to the really great work on this useful tool!

    I noticed there is already a new set of icons designed by Sebastian Kraft (http://needcoffee.deviantart.com/art/g-k-anyRemote-79388558) which looks really nice. However only 16x16 resolution is included in the current g/kanyremote packages -- I'm wondering why there is no high-res ones, since the menu entry will then look pretty ugly. Is there anywhere I can get the complete set of icons for the time being? I hope high quality icons are added in the next release.

    • Mike

      Mike - 2009-05-08

      Current gk-anyRemote icons also developed by Sebastian Kraft :-)
      Which set of icons should be included into distribution ?
      (size and format)

    • d6g

      d6g - 2009-05-08

      Thanks for the reply.

      What I meant is the current icon :)

      AFAIK, current gk-anyremote only include 16x16 icon, I would like to see at least 48x48 icon and a scalable svg version included in the packages so the menu entry will look better.

      • Mike

        Mike - 2009-05-12

        So, where that additional icons should be stored to be reсognizable
        by the system ?


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