Simply start hidd --connect ?

  • Olivier Berger

    Olivier Berger - 2008-05-30


    I haven't found a way to use it with my Sony-Ericsson T610i, whereas issueing a simple hidd --connect 00:18:13:xx:xx:xx would make it to pilot presentations from the Remote control app of the phone...

    Is there any such feature, to just launch hidd with (g)anyremote ?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Mike

      Mike - 2008-05-30

      If You plan to use t610 _with_ anyRemote in AT-mode then there are no needs to use hidd.
      If You want to use t610 _with_ hidd, there are no needs to use anyRemote, just edit start/stop script of bluetooth
      subsystem (it could be distro-dependent)

      • Olivier Berger

        Olivier Berger - 2008-05-30

        ah, alright, thank you. I wasn't sure... and it was not exactly easy to understand that from reading the site and docs... maybe some mention that anyRemote won't configure hid support expicitely could be interesting then ;)

        Beautiful program otherwise.



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