karaoke app support (feature request)

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    It would be great to have support for some karaoke player, how could I do this? anyone interested too?

    plaperbu, kmid...

    think of controlling the notebook's karaoke player on the next party ;)

    • Mike

      Mike - 2008-04-08

      Good idea. Gong to think about it.

    • Mike

      Mike - 2008-04-08

      Does it make sense ?
      (beware of newlines inserted by forum engine !!!)


      GuiAppRun=echo 'A=`dcop|grep kmid`; if [ "x$A" == "x" ]; then echo NOK; else echo OK; fi'|bash -f -s

      % Cancel buttons on different phones




      (EnterMode)=Set(skin,default);\     Set(icons,KMid,1,view_tree,2,default,3,default,4,rewind,5,play,6,forward,7,previous,8,stop,9,next,*,question,0,pause,#,no);\     Macro(ALLIN1MENU);


      QUIT=Exec(echo 'K=`dcop|grep kmid`;dcop $K MainApplication-Interface quit'|bash -f -s);
      GoTo($$)=Set(list,replace,SAME,..);\     ExecAndSet(list,add,SAME,echo 'cd "`cat $HOME/.anyRemote/ar_storedir.tmp`";if [ -d "$(Param)" ]; then cd "$(Param)";fi;pwd>$HOME/.anyRemote/ar_storedir.tmp;ls -F --quoting-style=shell|sed "s/\*//;s/,/\r/g;s/$/,/";'|bash -f -s);
      FillList=Set(list,replace,Files,..);\     ExecAndSet(list,add,SAME,cd "`cat $HOME/.anyRemote/ar_storedir.tmp`";ls -F --quoting-style=shell|sed 's/\*//;s/,/\r/g;s/$/,/');
      Open($$)=Set(list,close);\     Set(menu,clean);\     Exec(cd `cat $HOME/.anyRemote/ar_storedir.tmp`;kmid $(Param));


      4=Exec(echo 'K=`dcop|grep kmid`;dcop $K KMidIface rewind'|bash -f -s)
      5=Exec(echo 'K=`dcop|grep kmid`;dcop $K KMidIface play'|bash -f -s);
      6=Exec(echo 'K=`dcop|grep kmid`;dcop $K KMidIface forward'|bash -f -s)

      7=Exec(echo 'K=`dcop|grep kmid`;dcop $K KMidIface prevSong'|bash -f -s)
      8=Exec(echo 'K=`dcop|grep kmid`;dcop $K KMidIface stop'|bash -f -s);
      9=Exec(echo 'K=`dcop|grep kmid`;dcop $K KMidIface nextSong'|bash -f -s)

      0=Exec(echo 'K=`dcop|grep kmid`;dcop $K KMidIface pause'|bash -f -s)
      * *=Set(text,replace,Help,4 - Rew\n5 - Play\n6 - FF\n7 - Prew\n8 - Stop\n9 - Next\n* * - Help\n0 - Pause\n# - Quit\n)



      • Mike

        Mike - 2008-04-08

        Have You tried this example ?
        (copy lines between "--------" to file and run
        anyremote -f /path/to/this/file)

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Excuse my ignorance, I don't even know what to do with this (yet), I'm not a programmer ;P
      But I hope this will be included in some new release.

      I never liked kmid, at least in it's kde3 version, I hope it gets better on kde4. The main problem is the headache it can cause while trying to configure timidity sound server to work properly in your distro. I don't know why midi software emulation support doesn't come out-of-the-box in most linux distros.

      Plaperbu seems a much more nice piece of software, because of it's complete gui and its features, it can be compared with windows versions of karaoke software (e.g: vanbasco's karaoke player). It's written in java, it has it's pros and cons, but at least you don't need to configure anything for it to sound properly.

      These are just my thoughts, I wanted to share, If anyone knows of a better karaoke player, please talk about it. Maybe writting a plugin for a java app is different or complicated.

      Thanx for your attention

      • Mike

        Mike - 2008-04-08

        Well, but where is home page of plaperbu ?

      • Mike

        Mike - 2008-04-08

        Ooops... :-) found it at

        Well, i took a quick look to it and did not found what this player
        could not be managed from keyboard (am i right ?)
        So, seems there could be no way to control it from anyRemote :-(

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      yeah, kmid works!!
      well, the phone hasn't got the icons to control kmid, and i'm not sure what's doing. Also a way to add more songs and more kanyremote options like for amarok would be great. Well done!
      It's a pity that plarpebu (sorry for the misspelling) is not controllable, I thought it would accept command line arguments at least. I will read about it.


    • Anonymous - 2008-12-31

      Please consider vanbasco karaoke player too.
      It's work very well with wine.



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