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Since which itch was badly needed scratching, I thought
I could probably share the experience over.

The point is that with this patch I could sort of use
any2dvd to convert some AVI's to DVD. There are a lot
of problems into the code because any2DVD uses a lot of
external programs which can fail mysteriously. I don't
want to be misunderstood, any2dvd is an amazing
program, very nicely done and organized, but the sheer
complexity of what it tries to achieve is astonishing.

Any2dvd does a pretty descent job with my patch which
works around merely some bugs exposed due to bash
upgrades, changing the argument handling, and minor bug

If there is sufficient interest I may turn this patch
to a series of smaller for inclusion. If not I hope
that anybody hits the archives with the same questions
like me, may find in this patch the solution.


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    with patch attached this time

  • Rick

    Rick - 2006-09-17
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  • Rick

    Rick - 2006-09-17

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    Patch looks good, bash upgrade stuff should be fixed in
    0.32 but will include most of the other changes also.
    Hopefully in a couple of weeks a revision version will be
    available, will just hold off until then to let any bugs
    flow through.

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