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ANts P2P / News: Recent posts

Latest version Beta1.6.0

Change in blocks number in download. This should make downloads more stable.

Please note that the speed meter for file downloads is not working properly. Refer to the total amount of downloaded MB instead.

Posted by Roberto Rossi 2008-01-27

Latest version beta 1.5.9 beta 0.9.6

File chunk size modified: chunk size = 2560kb, blocks per fragment 5.

Please note that OLD INDEXES and OLD DOWNLOADS ARE NOT COMPATIBLE WITH THIS VERSION! You need to completely reinstall ANts and get rid of old INDEXES and CHUNKS.


If you are using the web installer. Please remove the $HOME$/Ants directory, where home is your home directory.

If you are using other installers please delete the Ants installation folder before reinstalling Ants.

Posted by Roberto Rossi 2007-07-12

Latest sources uploaded beta 1.5.8 (protocol 0.9.5)

Sources released for latest version beta 1.5.8. The zip file contains a netbeans project that can be directly compiled.

Posted by Roberto Rossi 2007-06-11

Pipeline system restructured

In order to avoid net flood the pipeline parameters have been changed.

Posted by Roberto Rossi 2006-05-12

Work in progress...

There are many upgrades in the pipeline :)

1) The routing tables have to be otimized (expecially the backpropagation algorithm for disconnected nodes)

2) I have to look for errors in the notification process for net modifications

3) I have to make local tests to check the performances of the routing algorithm. I suspect that a tuning is needed cause I see very high speeds mixed up with very low speeds... this cannot be justified by the inefficiency of the protocol, there must be some error in the code... read more

Posted by Roberto Rossi 2006-05-09

Beta 1.5.0 Indexing improvements and UPnP discovery

ANts now appears as a local UPnP device in the network. If other clients are running on the same LAN they will automatically find each others.
The indexing procedure is now more efficient.

Posted by Roberto Rossi 2006-03-20

Beta 1.4.8 Full LAN and UPnP Support

ANts now has a full LAN integration. Clients running on a same LAN are now able to find each other (multicast) and ANts can be used as an easy tool to share informations in a network. The built-in indexer (Lucene) let you index your documents and share them with your colleauges. Furhtermore, since ANts shares the documents you download, interesting documents will be automatically replicated on the network, so that they will be available even if the original source is not online.... read more

Posted by Roberto Rossi 2006-03-20

Javadoc Uploaded for beta1.3.6

Find it in release section (Developer)

Posted by Roberto Rossi 2006-02-03


Thread priority bug solved. Now ANts should grand reasonable speeds in download and upload.

Feedbacks are really welcome :)

Posted by Roberto Rossi 2006-01-24

Beta 1.1.8a fixes "Generating ID" bug

Installers should be ok now...

Posted by Roberto Rossi 2005-07-18

Installers fixed in version 1.1.8

There have been errors during the upload process... now they are fine

Posted by Roberto Rossi 2005-07-15

Some fixes in beta1.1.2

Some of the problems in the previous version are fixed, though much work still have to be done :)

enjoy this version by now!

Posted by Roberto Rossi 2005-07-08

Beta 1.1.1 fully transparent BUGGY ;)

Sorry people, there is a connectivity problem with the SUN JSSE library. This causes stalls and disconnections, I'm currently looking for a workaround, cause I believe that this is the right direction: one port on TLS or SSL with all the servervices redirected there.

So stay in touch!

Posted by Roberto Rossi 2005-07-05

Beta1.1.0 fully transparent connectivity

The new version Beta1.1.0 improves dramatically the connectivity issue.

- UPnP routers are now automatically set to forward the right port.

- The listening ports have been reduced to a single one. Thus ANts now needs just one open port to work.

- The connection procol is now an SSL handshake. If you run ANts on the port 443, it will not be possible for any firewall, nat or filtering system to understand what you are doing or which kind of session you are exchanging. Everything now looks like an HTTPS browsing, the same you use when you buy something online and transmit your private infos (credit card to buy something)!... read more

Posted by Roberto Rossi 2005-07-04

Beta 1.0.0 is out (0 supernodes bug fixed!)

Hybrid direct/anonymous running modes.
Supernode based search system (push).

Supernode cycle bug fixed...

Posted by Roberto Rossi 2005-04-05

Hybrid 0.9.9 protocol 0.4.9z brief description

Posted by Roberto Rossi 2005-04-03

Beta Protocol 0.2.0m

Stable and fast!

I think that this is worth to be tested for some days... be sure to get the latest update from Java Web Start. We'll see in a few days if this is a good candidate to become a release!

Posted by Roberto Rossi 2005-03-22

Beta 0.9.7 network still unstable - Last stable beta 0.9.6c

The current version 0.9.7h tries to fix some further bugs. More tests need to be done, cuz the change in the protocol are dramatic, so more time is needed to make the net stable again... sorry for slow downloads, they are due to routing bugs.

THe last stable build is 0.9.6c, so if you don't want to help us in testing and if you want to access a stable network use that release.

Posted by Roberto Rossi 2005-03-10

Beta 0.9.7 out! [Unstable network]

This new release takes a lot of changes in the protocol and also related to the whole net optimization.
A detailed draft will be posted here soon...
A period of test is required before setting up a stable network, so by now users with 0.9.7 will be separated from the rest of the net and they will create an isolated network.

you can download the beta 0.9.7 here: read more

Posted by Roberto Rossi 2005-03-07

Critical Bug in 0.9.6b -- Update to 0.9.6c!

The query system had been disabled for testing and it was not enabled again. So queries are not available on 0.9.6b!!!! Actually that version does nothing!

Posted by Roberto Rossi 2005-03-03

Bug fixed in beta 0.9.6

There was a bug in the new propagation system implemented in the beta0.9.5 release that was causing repeated disconnections making downloads/uploads impossible after being connected for hours.
Release 0.9.6 fixes this problem.

Posted by Roberto Rossi 2005-03-01

Apache Lucene 1.4.3 indexer is out and it is now on ANts

See the Apache website for more details:

The old jar 1.4 final used in ANts is now replaced by the lastest version. The old 0.9.5 inistallers are replaced by the new with the latest jar. Please reinstall your 0.9.5 version if you want the latest (and hopefully fastest) Lucene.

Posted by Roberto Rossi 2005-02-27

Propagation system released

Latest version 0.9.5 implements the propagation system that keeps updated the routing tables of the whole net. It's still potentially not stable! Only JWS version is avaiable by now untill test are done.

Posted by Roberto Rossi 2005-02-16

Propagation system upon peer disconnection

I'm working on a feature to propagate a message upon the disconnection of any peer so that the whole net is able to update the routing tables in a way that prevents message losses. This should take a considerable improvement in the amount of effective data tranfered...

Posted by Roberto Rossi 2005-02-16