generating id

  • bob

    bob - 2005-04-23

    It has said "generating id" for about an hour now and im still not logged in.

    Ive got my public ip plugged in and my router forwarding to my local computer

    How long should it take for a first time log in?

    • Bjorge Dijkstra

      Bjorge Dijkstra - 2005-05-03

      same here...
      using SUN jre 1.5.0-03 on debian linux
      direct network connection, no routers and ports are open in the firewall.
      any pointers or solutions ?

    • Paysan

      Paysan - 2005-05-05

      I have got the same problem, probably due to bad connection when installing whith java web start.
      I removed all the ~/.java directory (I just have downloaded Ants and one test program from Sun's site before), and then re-install, and now it is working...

    • riderofstorm

      riderofstorm - 2005-05-23

      me too. win xp SUN jre 1.5. Installs fine, stops on generating id. tryed with windows installer now downloading .jar installer to see if this helps. (setup_beta_1.0.1_p0.6.5.exe) Could be bug??

    • apothos

      apothos - 2005-07-05

      Apparently it's a problem with the ANts offline installer. If you've used that, and are having this problem, try uninstalling ANts and then reinstalling from this location:

    • Puusilma

      Puusilma - 2005-07-09

      I'm getting this problem also with ANtsP2P_Setup_beta1.1.2_p0.6.6.exe (not with the Java installer).

    • defnax

      defnax - 2005-07-09

      i have this error since the latest win32 version again!
      i have tested same problem

    • defnax

      defnax - 2005-07-11

      again problems with:
      ANtsP2P_Setup_beta1.1.5_p0.6.7.exe    problem with id

      ANtsP2P_Setup_beta1.1.5_p0.6.7.jar cant start the antsp2p.jar couldnt find mainclass

    • apothos

      apothos - 2005-07-13

      No guarantees with this, but you can try to uninstall Ants.  Then download the:
      antsp2p installers    beta1.1.5     July 10, 2005

      Then download and click on the file here:

      tsafa set topic: "Latest version 1.1.7 p0.6.8 - not connection compatible with p0.6.7 - note: you have to rehash -

      This is what I did today.       :-)     Hopefully it will work for you.

    • defnax

      defnax - 2005-07-13

      I use it again when jar or installer version working,
      i dont like antsp2p.jnlp version

      with that i cant change anythink like resources.jar
      will not accept the jnlp version!

      I will use my own resources.jar what i maked for Ants.

    • defnax

      defnax - 2005-07-14

      agan errorsi cant install

      ANtsP2P_Setup_beta1.1.8_p0.6.8.exe is corrupt

    • defnax

      defnax - 2005-07-14

      error in


      again with jar installer too

      invalid or corrupt jar file!


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