dsoslglece - 2006-10-15

  On OS X 10.4.6, I did DL the auto install Ants file, and after installing it, it mentioned there were few errors. It was the same after more DL and re-install... However, Ants managed to connect, and even to DL a small file.
  But, it seems to be unable to hash all the files I'd like to propose for upload, the directory's name appears correctly, but the hashing freezes in the middle of the first file (whatever would be that first one).
More, It also seems to be unable to recognize Firefox, the path of it is perfectly indicated, and visible on the main window, but it says it can't find it to go to the manuel, or to the Ant's site.
I'd be very thanksful if someone could give me some advise for that, since that forum doesn't look very agitated, and posts without any answer are here, some of them, since few years (!), and also Ants seems to really be a fantastic solution for peer2peer, particularly to stop any tricks from the ISPs filtering it.